CloudFront and Lambda at the Edge

AWS OfficeHours with Woodrow Arrington and David Brown, both Senior Product Managers on the AWS CloudFront Team. They discuss the benefits of CDN technology and use-cases of Lambda@Edge. The video touches security related considerations.

Meute in Paris

Strikt betrachtet ist Meute ja auch blos eine Coverband, aber die Techno Marching Band tourt damit ja nicht durchs Land, sondern schafft es, zu Recht, größere Hallen zu füllen. Für heute liefert Meute den Soundtrack des Abends.

via FernsehErsatz

Boston Dynamics Athlete

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot is now a gymnast, writes Engadget. As with earlier robotic innovations, this again is a performance beyond impressive.

New Yorks Skyline Time Lapse

With an elevator through almost 500 years of New Yorks history. In 52s. It’s generated, not like the typical time lapse videos. Still very impressive.

Spot Is Boston Dynamics' New Robot

Boston Dynamics, the makers of autonomous walking and running robots Big Dog and Cheetah, introduce their new 4 legged Spot.

via IEEE Spectrum.