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  • Magic Email

    It’s not like email has been a perfect solution ever, to start with. In fact, email has been broken for most of its existence. Imagine all the rules and filters you need to stay on top of your inbox. When Internet became popular, soon spam became popular. Email lists were usable only before eternal September […]

  • Working in Agile Mode

    “We are not working in this a ‘Agile‘-mode that you’re working in.” she said. She actually tried to disparage the lack of structure in the other team she has been assigned to work with. The team this lady belongs to consider themselves a marketing team. In a high-tech company. Marketing, but still: for technology. After […]

  • GitHub’s Public Roadmap

    GitHub just started to publish a public Roadmap. Not even a login is required. Product People will appreciate, this is pretty huge commitment for an organization.

  • Automatisierung schafft Freiräume

    Aber nur solange die Künstliche Intelligenz nicht weiterentwickelt wird. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Apple is building its own processors

    During this years wwdc2020, Apple announced it’s own silicon for future Mac computers. This is HUGE. After the switch from 68xxx to PowerPC and to Intel, this is the fourth change of HW Platform for the company. Mainly, it means a huge message to Intel, who has been providing CPUs for the popular Mac Computers. […]

  • Feature Value

    K2, over dinner: “I want to have a huge pile of wood in front of my window!” Me: “Why would you want to have a huge pile of wood in front of your window?” K2: “So everybody who needs some wood can take some!” He’s definitely going to be a Product Manager some day.

  • Implementing feedback into our work culture

    Healthy organizations are places in which feedback is encouraged, even if it’s about issues that are not easy to hear. How does this work? Source: Implementing feedback into our work culture

  • Curated links for Product Managers is a curated page with resources for Product Managers

  • Product Management Predictions

    Product Management Predictions: With January already over, it’s a bit late for annual forecasts. But then again, looking into the future is a secret superpower every Product Manager should look to develop. Therefore, it’s never too late to have an understanding of what comes up next. Mason Adair of Digital Product People did so for […]

  • Product First Step Feedback

    Product First Step Feedback: Having worked in customer facing roles most of my career, I have experienced first hand how important it is for clients to get quick impressions of a product. Opportunities to leave that impression are often limited. The other night, a colleague argued most products don’t even need a UI. And a […]