200 #CX #Influencers to follow to kickstart #2021

Customer Experience and digital marketing are still highly dynamic spaces. Keeping up to date is paramount to keep up the pace. Engati collected the most influential people on LinkedIn and Twitter you should follow to shape your filterbubble for 2021.

Top 200 Influencers from customer experience, digital transformation, marketing automation, and technology domain to follow and learn from, in the year 2021.

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#rC3 – This Is Not A Game

#rC3 – This Is Not A Game (de)

QAnon ist seit wenigen Jahren ein Begriff im Internet und als Bewegung mittlerweile auch in Deutschland angekommen. Arne Vogelgesang hat bei der remote Chaos Experience eine kurze Story vorbereitet um eine kurze Geschichte von Q als Mindfuck-Spiel zu erzählen.

Amazon CloudFront launches new Edge Locations
AWS Logo

Amazon CloudFront Edge Locations: AWS’ Amazon CloudFront launches 5 new CloudFront Edge Locations. These are located in Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Kenya, and Romania.

AWS CloudFront is a Content Delivery Network and helps webpages to distribute their content globally. To achieve this, CDN’s leverage managed reverse proxy servers. The goal is to bring content closer to the consumer. And through keeping bulky media distributed, it prevents congesting internet connections.

These added deployments will help AWS customers and their consumers experience significantly improved page load times. AWS has constantly expanded CloudFront’s Network footprint since its launch in 2008. With this recent update, CloudFront now has 216 points of presence in 84 cities across 42 countries. 

Source: aws blog.

#SAP Leadership Announcement

Some huge changes to start the Weekend with at #SAP. As Executive Board Member and President of the Cloud Business Group Robert Enslin decided to step back from his role and pursue an external opportunity,  Jennifer Morgan will succeed him as president of the Cloud Business Group (CBG). Adaire Fox-Martin will assume the role of president in the Global Customer Operations.

Morgan and Fox-Martin Expand Responsibilities

Source: SAP Leadership Announcement

Django with Celery

Erste Schritte mit Celery und Django-Celery


In debian wheezy, einfach folgende Pakete installieren:



import djcelery


from celery.task import Task
from celery.registry import tasks

class SomeTask(Task):
  def run(self, SomeArg, **kwargs):
    return SomeResult



./manage.py celeryd

Allerdings produziert settings.DEBUG folgende Warning:

UserWarning: Using settings.DEBUG leads to a memory leak, never use
this setting in production environments!

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