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  • Google Workspace for shadow IT

    All of Google’s products have been designed to be easily accessible. That included Google Docs and the work app bundle that was GSuite. When G Suite became Google Workspace in 2020,as part of a mass reorganisation of the company’s apps for the “future of work”, the company also announced the end of a free edition.

  • Google sponsors secure open source software

    Google has announced today a $1 million sponsorship for a new pilot program aimed at enhancing the security of critical open source software projects. Source: Google offers $1 million sponsorship to secure open source software – The Record by Recorded Future

  • Google Data Cloud Summit – Recap

    Google’s Data Cloud Summit took place May 26th, 18PT. The summit is home to their big data products and offerings, that aim to help customers succeed in data driven businesses. Here is a summary of news and announcements: Dataplex, an intelligent data fabric. The product allows management of data across multiple sources, including data lakes, […]

  • DuckDuckGo calls out Google for spying on users.

    When Apple introduced labels in their app store to indicate which data an app would link to user information it created transparency for many. Only Google seemed to stop on moving forward and did not publish new versions of its apps. Until recently. Now that they are updated, DuckDuckGo, a search engine advocating privacy in […]

  • Post Mortem

    Remember when the Cloud was off earlier this month? Google published a post mortem article and root cause analysis on their Cloud Status Blog.

  • The cloud is off.

    Google is down. That feels like the Internet is off. That is what was missing to make the year 2020 feel complete.

  • Google Cloud Platform Certified Professional Cloud Architect

    daily, 12.March 2020

  • New GCP Region in Seoul

    Our new GCP region in Seoul is officially open for business. Source: New GCP Region in Seoul | Google Cloud Blog

  • Quitting Google

    Nithin Coca of The Next Web went on a quest to quitting Google. In this article, he describes his experience and gives plenty of pointers on how to achieve the same. He start out making a point about individual privacy, and points out individual alternatives to popular Google services. Starting from using Firefox over Chrome to […]

  • Apple, Amazon, Google, and Zigbee Develop Open Smart Home Standard

    Source: Apple, Amazon, Google, and Zigbee Alliance to Develop Open Standard for Smart Home Devices – MacRumors Update: Google also reports on their blog.