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  • The North Star Playbook

    The North Star As a concept, the North Star principle gained a lot of attention in Product Management recently. Amplitude, a vendor of analytics tools, has a guideline to this concept. Their playbook walks product managers, those that want to enter the domain or even those just curious about methods and principles through the ideas. […]

  • Product Manual

    Als “Product Hunt Product #4 of December 2017” ist das sicher keiner der heissen Tips. Product Manual ist aber trotzdem für jeden Produkt-Manager eine Erwähnung wert, weil sich zu allen relevanten Themen in der kuratierten Sammlung dort etwas findet. Angefangen von der Definition von Produkt-Management über Benutzer-Interaktion (Umfragen!) und Prototypen bis zur Strategie-Entwicklung. Loaded with […]

  • Baselines, Procedures, Guidelines & Policies

    Baselines define a minimum technical standard that should be maintained across the organization Procedures are step-by-step instruction on how to comply with security requirements. Guidelines give discretionary guidance on how to comply with security requirements best. Policies define security requirements broadly.