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Ethics in Computer Vision

Joeseph Redmon, who invented the YOLO Algorithm, quit his research over ethical concerns. These are some dark shadows this is throwing ahead.

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A new decade

31. December 2019


A lot happened. Many things changed. Ten years ago, I was not married, I did not have kids. I grew up to become a responsible father and husband. And I took on areas of responsibilities I never thought of, both privately and professionally.

Today, 31. December 2019, marks the end of a decade, before a new decade begins. It doesn’t feel like it, even when the past years will be remembered as the 10s. And we’re entering the twenties now.

At the beginning of the decade, I only earned my MBA. Back then, I worked for one of the most amazing companies I could imagine up till today. At that company, I was given an assignment, not only abroad but on a different continent. After having traveled Europe and the entire Middle East in the years before, I had an opportunity to visit all countries South East Asia from Singapore in this decade.

During that time, cloud computing did merely exist, it was a newly coined term. And people were excited by what Apple shaped in form of the iPhone. Social Media was still new and innocent, people were excited by the opportunity to exchange with friends, family but also to meet total strangers on the Internet.

Feuerwerk 2009

Since then, I did not only have the opportunity to take on responsibility for one of the most popular smart lighting products, also did I have the opportunity to transition to a role I wanted to grow into.

In this role today I work for one of the largest European software vendor, proudly contributing to a product in the hottest Enterprise Software space.

A new decade

I had the opportunity to see it all grow and develop, into technology that shapes both society and business. And I had an opportunity to exchange ideas in that space with the brightest minds in the industry. And to build a network of friends and colleagues that are among the best and most motivated.

We’ll see more development in technology and society. Social media has seen it’s peak. Consumers are sceptical of being tracked. Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are exciting technologies. Society will benefit from these, but it will require policy and products that use them right. Awareness for the correct use of technology will increase and sustainability will become more important.

31. December 2019 does mark the end of a decade. It does not mark the end of anything else. It’s a random day that marks a rather arbitrary ten years timeframe. I’m thankful for the past decade and excited for the next.

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Paul Krugman on “the Internet’s impact’

Economist Paul Krugman predicts the impact of the internet
Economist Paul Krugman

Prognosen sind schwierig, besonders wenn sie die Zukunft betreffen.

 Karl Valentin,  Mark Twain oder Niels Bohr zu. (Wikipedia)

Natürlich ist es immer schwierig, Vorhersagen zu treffen. Nachdem es sich bei dem Urheber des Zitates um einen führenden Ökonomen handelt, kann man das ein bisschen strenger betrachten. Um etwas positiver zu sein, kann man an der stelle vielleicht noch anführend, dass Deutschland offenbar nach wie vor Marktführend in der Anwendung von Faxgeräten ist:

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Items to consider work potentially lost

  • How quickly work in progress will need to be restored to workstations at an alternative site
  • The amout of work that can tolerably be lost without harming the organization