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  • AMD Ready To Make Arm Chips

    The ARMy grows Source: AMD: We Stand Ready To Make Arm Chips | Tom’s Hardware

  • Sixt, Mobileye and Nio announce autonomous Taxis

    Sixt announced this on their official LinkedIn Profile earlier today. Traditional news outlets like Focus are picking up the news. The announcement was made at the Internationale Automobilausstellung (IAA) Autonom unterwegs, das war bisher etwas für Menschen, die im gemütlichen Zuckeltempo vom Bahnhof Bad Birnbach zum Ortskern wollen. Oder in der Hamburger Hafencity von einer […]

  • CPU Flaws

    Remember Intel’s Spectre? Now Intel’s Core Ring-Interconnect can be exploited to extract encryption keys.

  • Apple is building its own processors

    During this years wwdc2020, Apple announced it’s own silicon for future Mac computers. This is HUGE. After the switch from 68xxx to PowerPC and to Intel, this is the fourth change of HW Platform for the company. Mainly, it means a huge message to Intel, who has been providing CPUs for the popular Mac Computers. […]

  • Apple to transition to ARM

    The rumours ain’t new, but appear to become more tangible. This time Ars Technica reports an announcement could happen as early as this years WWDC. The report bases on Mark Gurman, an Bloomberg News reporter focusing on Apple News. He initially published an article in Bloomberg News on the topic and tweeted: Not only cost […]

  • AMD ThreadRipper, 64Core CPU

    Announced in August 2019, AMD debuted it’s AMD Threadripper 3990X , the World’s First Prosumer 64 Core CPU, at CES2020. AMD debuted its Threadripper 3990X at CES 2020, showcasing its incredible multi-threaded performance with 64 cores and 128 threads. It’s not a cheap processor, but it still massively undercuts even the closest competition, decimating even […]

  • Intel acquires Habana Labs

    Intel acquires Habana Labs: Intel put a heavy bet on Artificial Intelligence today. In a press-release, the company announced the acquisition of Habana Labs, a company founded and based in Caesarea, Israel. The deal was worth “approximately $2 billion”. To push its artificial intelligence strategy, Santa Clara-based Intel has acquired Israel’s Habana Labs for “approximately […]

  • Animation: Visualizing Moore’s Law in Action (1971-2019)

    Moore’s Law in Action: You’ll probably remember the prediction back from your days in University. In essence, Mr. Moore, founder of Fairchild Semi and CEO of Intel, predicted the density of transistors in modern integrated systems will double about every 18 months. He was right for a long time, while many predicted the end of […]

  • Apple acquiring most of Intel’s smartphone modem business in $1B deal

    After Apple only recently announced to partner with Qualcom on 5G modems, Intel quickly decided to cease their efforts in that area. In that market situation, Apple likely landed a bargain on this deal. Apple has entered into a deal to acquire a majority of Intel’s modem business, TechCrunch has learned. The deal, valued at […]

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