How the Internet really works

I tiny intro to the most important technology in the worlds history.

How The Internet Works

A few people have been asking how the internet works, so Eileen Higgins has put together this very informative video. If you need anything further explained, let me or granny know and we’ll ask Eileen. Thanks, Daniel.

Posted by Ballybeg Post Office on Monday, June 11, 2018

The Internet rules the Mobile World Congress.

The Internet rules the Mobile World Congress. Writes Wired. Which is consequent, looking at the development of mobile technology and sales of devices.

Slowing smartphone sales and metro strikes aren’t enough to get anyone down at the 16th annual Mobile World Congress.

via: WIRED

Smartphones are the primary internet device in 2015.

Coming from 15% in 2013, smartphones are the primary device to connect to the internet only two years later. 2015 that that went up to 33%. Laptop and Desktop lost significantly in the same period.

#BBS Ad, ca. 1995

Note the “We are connected to” section. #BBS Ad for Mailbox "Cartassia Prime"
Very obviously, Internet was not very popular back then and lists under “coming soon”. While email and internet was available to Universities before, the “Deutsche Telekom” and others only started around the same time to commercialize internet access as a consumer product.