Animation: Visualizing Moore’s Law in Action (1971-2019)

Moore’s Law in Action: You’ll probably remember the prediction back from your days in University. In essence, Mr. Moore, founder of Fairchild Semi and CEO of Intel, predicted the density of transistors in modern integrated systems will double about every 18 months. He was right for a long time, while many predicted the end of his law. Visual Capitalist today linked a illustration showing the law in Action up to 2019.

Moore's Law
Moore’s Law

Can the predictions from Moore’s Law keep up with technological innovation spanning almost 50 years? Watch this stunning animation to find out.

Source: Animation: Visualizing Moore’s Law in Action (1971-2019)

Meute in Paris

Strikt betrachtet ist Meute ja auch blos eine Coverband, aber die Techno Marching Band tourt damit ja nicht durchs Land, sondern schafft es, zu Recht, größere Hallen zu füllen. Für heute liefert Meute den Soundtrack des Abends.

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MacBook Air cooling.

About MacBook Air cooling.

So, I’m going to guess, that the reason that this machine is brain dead, even though it has it’s primary power rails, is because… Apple.

Louis Rossmann at 1.46 of the video.
Louis opens new Macbook Air, immediately looses mind.

Boston Dynamics Athlete

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot is now a gymnast, writes Engadget. As with earlier robotic innovations, this again is a performance beyond impressive.

From Data to Product

In an ideal world, product managers have plenty of data they can use to validate their idea before building the wrong product. Yana Yushkina describes her journey from a Data Analyst to a Product Manager.

She talks about characteristics a good PM should bring, that include foundational analytical understanding, curiosity not just for technology but to search for the right answers in data, a sense of responsibility and the ability to communicate.

All of that combined with the right metrics at hand and self sufficient mindset will give a Product Manager the right answer from data.

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BitTorrent Live now in open beta

Apparently, Bittorrent Live is now in open beta with a test case for live streaming.

In the market for internet backed streaming, this may make a large difference, should the technology keep it’s promise.

BitTorrent Live now in open beta, brings live webcasting to the masses

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New Yorks Skyline Time Lapse

With an elevator through almost 500 years of New Yorks history. In 52s. It’s generated, not like the typical time lapse videos. Still very impressive.

One World Trade Center Time-Lapse, 2004-2013

So Timelapses sind ja immer toll. Auch wenns blos von Wolken und Sonnenuntergängen ist. Bei dem Bau von One World Trade Center hat jemand 9 Jahre lang, von 2004 bis 2013, zugeschaut. Was dann auch äußerst eindrucksvolle Bilder gibt.

via One World Trade Center Construction Time-Lapse, 2004-2013.

video via EarthCam

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